Whimsical Winery Weddings

Breath-taking, panoramic views of rolling hills serve as the perfect backdrop for those memorable photos of your special day. People visit wineries to have fun. What better place than to have your beloved family and friends celebrate with you in place that speaks of sophistication, relaxation, romance and fun?!

More couples are falling in love with the idea of holding their nuptials and receptions at picturesque vineyards.

Wineries provide a uniqueness and simplicity that can be tailored to fit any couple and their unique style. Besides the photography, that is the other best party of having a winery wedding; tailoring you and your guests’ experience.

You may find that renting a vineyard for your wedding may cost slightly more than your average venue, but with that, you can advantage of the provided beauty that will save you on décor bill. Your budget may also find a reprieve in where you can serve wines and beer and pair them with small plates during your cocktail hour and reception.

Virginia is definitely for lovers as they have a wonderful selection of beautiful wineries to spend your special day no matter in which direction you search. Potomac Point Winery is Tuscan styled that is nestled in the heart of Northern Virginia. Or you can fall in love with Sunset Hills Vineyard which is a 50- acre historic farm settled within views of majestic mountains and gorgeous sunsets. One of our personal favorites, Stone Tower Winery, is 206 breathtaking acres that are nestled atop Hogback Mountain and offers a one-of-a-kind setting for your memorable moment.

No matter your destination or if you are hosting a crowd of 5 or 200, there is surely a unique and beautiful vineyard to serve as the scape for your nuptials.

By: Danielle Jordan

Edited by: Dominique Cheek

Photography by: Ethan Yang Photography

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