When planning your wedding, you of course want to make sure that every little detail is perfect for your special day. However, you also want to make sure that your friends and family feel comfortable and happy, too! Consider these small touches to increase guest comfort at your wedding! 

Tips for outdoor weddings:

Outdoor weddings provide a beautiful landscape and fun atmosphere, but they also bring the potential for unpredictable weather in any season. For summer weddings, one easy way to beat is to provide fans for your guests. You can even cut down on cost by designing your wedding program to double as a fan! Another way you can help your guests stay protected from the sun is to offer them sunscreen or sunglasses. For brides who are having their reception outdoors, you might consider providing a basket full of parasols for guests. Similarly, for those worried about the possibility of rain, providing guests with umbrellas is an easy way to make sure they stay dry!

Tips for guest activities:

Some brides are worried about if their guests are really going to have a good time at their wedding. But there are several things you can incorporate in your big day for guests of all ages! For those who plan to allow children to be present at their wedding, a kiddie craft table is a popular trend. One idea is to provide an activity book or coloring pages for the children at their seats. For the older guests, another popular trend is to design an I Spy game. Think of things that you know everyone will see (or may not see if they're not paying attention) to look for at the wedding reception. Want to take this up a notch? Tie in social media! Create a super fun hashtag, so as guests find these I-Spy items, they can post them! It's an easy way to keep guests more engaged!

Tips for the reception:

One way to try and ensure your guests have a great time at your reception is to ask them certain questions on the RSVP card. We all know you need to ask about dietary restrictions, but what about other things they like? Another piece of information that you can include on the RSVP card are song requests. By allowing guests to have a say in the songs that are played by the DJ, they will be more likely to dance and have a good time. (Also cuts down on the time you'll spend creating a list for the DJ) And what better way to get people up and dancing than making sure they're comfy on their feet! Providing flip flops near the dance floor or at the reception is another inexpensive way to increase guest comfort during your day, especially after several hours in heels or uncomfortable shoes!

We know it's your big day, but you invited the people that love you to spend the day with you! Show them that you love them, too!

By: Summer 16 Intern Mikaela Berst

Sunglasses Header Photo: Asher and Olive Photography