How To Find The Perfect Wedding Reception Venue

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You've been dreaming of this day since you can remember. Perfect dress, man of your dreams, surrounded by the ones you love, in the most fascinating, most talked about venue space of the year. Only problem is you've never had to search for a wedding venue before. You're not sure what questions to ask or what services the venue should provide you on your big day. Look no further here at CYE we have gathered all your need-to-know information. PERFECT WEDDING VENUE HERE WE COME!

MUST HAVES: The first question to ask yourself is what are my "Must Haves" for my wedding reception? You should create a list of items that you absolutely can not do without. These are going to be the things you want to put a emphasis on during the reception. What do you want your guest to remember the most? Maybe its the delicious food, dazzling decor, or the get the party started DJ. Whatever items makes the list just remember its YOUR day, you can let your imagination run wild.

BUDGET: Imagine this- You find the most romantic venue, sign the contract, only to realize you have no money left for the caterers! The problem is you've missed the most important step: Creating a Draft Budget. Here is where you lay out all of your basics and "Must Have" estimated cost. Search online or call around to get a ballpark figure of what some items will cost that way you can have an idea of how much you have to spend on the venue. As well, keep in mind some venues come with in-house caterers, standard linen colors, and even uplighting. 

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GUEST AMOUNT: Is this going to be a small intimate wedding with only your closest friends and family or a large grand wedding with hundreds of people? This will determine what size venues you should be looking for. When doing your initial research look at how many guest the venue accommodate. As well, some venues have a guest minimum so if you're interested in a small wedding but the venues minimum is 200 people it's no point in moving forward with that location. 

What dates are available in the month your considering? Is the venue available for exclusive use or will there be other wedding at the same time?

2) What kind of deposits are required? Are there hidden costs like a service charge, gratuity, cleaning fees, or overtime charges? What is the venues payment plan?

3) What is their weather contingency plan for outdoor spaces? Do they have a coat check?

4) Do they have an in-house caterer or a list of “preferred” caterers, or do you need to provide your own? Even if there is an in-house caterer, do you have the option of using an outside caterer instead?

5) Are tables, linens, chairs, plates, silverware and glassware provided, or will you have to rent them yourself or get them through your caterer?

6) What is their pricing for alcohol? Can you bring your own liquor, wine, beer or champagne, and is there a corkage fee if you do? 

7) Does the venue own sound equipment and speaker, or will that need to be rented? Can they accommodate a DJ or live band? Are there any restrictions?  Does the venue have a dance floor?

8) What is the cancellation policy? Is the deposit refundable in case of cancellation?

9) What overnight accommodations do they provide? Do they have any partnerships with nearby hotels? 

10)  Is the site handicap accessible? Is parking and/or valet parking available? Is public transportation easily accessible from the venue? Is shuttle service available?

                        Photography by: Alexander 

                        Photography by: Alexander 

By: Summer 16' Intern Alaina Alexander



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