The Planners Suite Conference Day 2 Recap

Ready to hear the exciting conclusion to the 2017 Planners Suite Conference?

Again, doors opened at 8 am - and this time Shelby started the day off by checking to see if everyone did their homework? "What is your affirmation for your business this year?" Everyone hesitated, but eventually, they caved. One after another, planners began to share the nuggets they digested from Day 1, and before we knew it, it was time for Day 2!

Che Brown came in and immediately got everyone out of their seats and ready to scratch out the sales scripts. His interactive session was high energy and set the tone for the power-packed day!

There was so much energy afterward, that we had to take a quick "selfie break" so attendees could not only keep up the momentum, but also have a chance to win a few more prizes.

Lashonda Bracey then took the stage to challenge planners to go beyond weddings, and take a step into the world of government contracting. Even left everyone with a few tips on where to look to land the big ones by just getting connected with the right people! What a fitting way to end the conversation, because Laurie Hartwell then came to tell us the importance of building relationships. She reminded us that an event planner is only as successful as his/her network!

Planners were able to take these tips with them into their 2nd day of roundtable discussions. From what we could hear, many of this sessions were very intense and quite informative. It was a bit hard to get them back for lunch! However, once they headed back it, they put down their things and head over to indulge in another delicious meal! This time, they also received some delicious cheesecake from Sweet Pearlz Cheesecake! We heard it was irresistible!

Towards the middle of the luncheon, the 2nd Annual Plannee Awards begun with the presentation of the Clarance B. Howerton Empowerment Scholarship awardees by Kawania Howerton-Wooten. After a few inspirational words, our first award, Event Team of the Year, was presented to The Kyle Hutchinson Group, followed by our Corporate Creative - Jennifer Charles, our "You Brand It" winner - Crystal Marie, and our Purpose Award, which went to Jocelyn Avery! Each winner reminded us that we are all in the right place at the right time! Finally, Jon'll Boyd then took the stage to honor the team behind TPS 2017, showing the importance of thanking your village - because it definitely takes a village!

And what better transition from the Awards Ceremony than last year's winner - Mr. Andre Wells. Andre's keynote engaged the audience in an open forum, where he spoke nothing but honesty based on his experience. While he had a presentation ready, he was more focused on ensuring that he could help those that asked for it.

After Andre dropped the mic - the one and only Chip Dizard took the "floor", starting his presentation on Live Streaming in the audience! He gave a how-to on how to make the most of turning on your camera phone to market yourself.

Then, Jon'll came back to the stage for a quick check-in with planners, bringing one person on to give a quick one-on-one about her business! The day ended with some great cultural insight, and some fabulous entrances, by Feyisola Ogunfemi and Sarah Khan. They gave planners some great knowledge, as well as dispelled a few stereotypes about weddings and events in the African and Indian culture. They even gave a few tips on how to successfully communicate and close deals with multicultural clients!

Once our last speakers left the stage, we are sure attendees couldn't dream of taking in anymore - but in TPS fashion, we had to close with a bang! Jon'll brought up a few of last years attendees to honor their hard work over the last year. She felt it only right to acknowledge growth and good in her mentees and peers - kudos to Sherece Fullerton, Michelle Riddick, Winnie Carr, and Tasha Briscoe!

Once all the tears were dried up - it was time to share the big new. In Partnership with Laurie Hartwell and The Bridal Society: TPS 2018 IS HEADED TO ATLANTA! Thank you to all the attendees, sponsors, partners, vendors, and internal planning team! It was a BLAST! We can't wait to see you all next year! Until next time, continue to #TurnUpTheHeat