Wedding Day Tips: Emergency Kit for Bridesmaids

We all know countless brides with an emergency kit that could rival that of a military first aid kit! The kit includes everything from breath mints to bobby pins to extra shoes to extra cash to needle and thread to a bomb diffuser - ok maybe not that last one, but maybe so, who knows! Either way the bride is prepared for any and every single thing.

But what about the bridesmaids? Are they prepared for any and everything? What should a brides best friend (next to her planner) have in her emergency kit?

Never fear, CYE is here to tell you exactly what a bridesmaid would need:

Photo by Completely Yours Event LLC

Photo by Completely Yours Event LLC


If you’re too busy to make your own emergency kit (and we don’t blame you), consider buying a prepackaged one like the MINIMERGENCY KIT by Pinch Provisions. This handy pouch is a steal at $16 and contains 21 little essentials to save you on your bride-bestie’s big day. And for the brides also makes a great, affordable gift for your bridesmaids.

Written by: Perle Nkumu Spring 2016

Edited By: Dominique Cheek