DIY - A Guide for the Crafty Bride

One of the most stressful parts about planning a wedding is making sure everything is to your liking while also making sure you are staying within the budget. There are so many aspects of your wedding that you can do yourself that will surprisingly be less stressful, cost efficient and most of all, fun! DIY crafts for weddings is a great way to make sure you are creating your vision while also adding your own personality and spunk into it! 

One of the many DIY things you can create for your wedding involves crafting your own photo booth! Don’t want to go through the trouble of having to pay for a large photo booth with boring backdrops? Get innovative and create your own original photo booth backdrop for your reception! Make your own DIY chalkboard backdrop. Encourage your guests to write a message or create your own messages prior to the reception! Other ideas include gorgeous floral garlands, or any other type of garland that goes with your theme! Take it an extra step further and incorporate props such as a vintage couch or a table. 

Another fun and “portable” photo booth idea involves making a giant oversized Polaroid frame! Decorate the frame with colors, designs and the name of the bride and groom in addition to the date. Both the newlyweds and their guests can use the frame to take pictures anywhere during the reception! 

Photo by Ken Pak Photography

Photo by Ken Pak Photography

Centerpieces are a great way to get fun and creative, while also portraying the elegant and uniqueness in your reception. Some DIY centerpiece ideas include florals, and some do not. It’s all about how you want it to look, so don’t forget to incorporate your personality and whatever details you think keep up with your theme! A popular DIY centerpiece involves vases with floating candles in water. This simple, yet elegant type of centerpiece adds so much romance and flair to any table. 

Get creative with your vases- use a couple of different-sized cylinder vases (tall, medium & short), use mason jars with some type of ribbon wrapped around it, or use tons of small candle holders and disperse them around your table. You can even take the DIY aspect a step further with either one of these options. Decorate your vases that will coincide with your theme: Add glitter, ribbons, flowers and more!

Another creative type of vase to consider when creating your own centerpieces are painted bottles! With a simple paint job, choose the colors that you think go with your theme, then paint your bottles of either the same size or of all different sizes! Pick any kind of flowers and viola! You have a gorgeous centerpiece! 

Photo via

Photo via

Want to get even more DIY-y? Take wine glasses and use them as centerpieces! You can position them upside down over flowers and have a candle on top, or fill them with water a floating candle, or get some flowers in there and create a beautiful centerpiece! No matter what you end up doing, it will still be as elegant and romantic as a normal floral centerpiece would be. A DIY centerpiece just saves money, is fun to create and adds more personality and YOU into it! 

Whether it is creating your own backdrop, centerpieces or reception decorations, DIY crafting is a great way to save money and create original aspects to your wedding! Grab a bottle of wine, get your materials, grab your friends and family, have fun and create your own project to showcase at your reception!

By Spring '16 Intern, Niaz Siasi