Wedding Ideas: For The Non-Traditional, Out of the "Book" Bride

While we still enjoy the thought of the classic, traditional guestbook, a unique guest book at a reception is a fun and creative way for your guests to give their best wishes to the newlyweds.

Instead of a traditional book, have your guests sign a postcard from somewhere different around the world! Once guests have signed a postcard and put it into a box, the bride and groom can either save the box and open it on their first anniversary, turn the postcards into an album, have them made into a poster, or framed as a wall decoration in the home. The postcard guest book makes for a great keepsake no matter how one chooses to use it!

Photo by Ash Imagery

Photo by Ash Imagery

Another unique guest book alternative is the wedding tree guest book. For this idea, the couple can have a framed picture of a large tree, or a 3D one, and have the guests sign each of the leaves on the wedding tree. This can later be hung up on a wall in the home as a lovely decoration. The wedding tree itself can be created in a number of different ways. If you are feeling really crafty, you can have your guests place their fingerprints in different colors on the tree that resemble leaves along with their names on top. Another way is to provide a three-dimensional wooden tree and have guests clip on heart-shaped leaves along with their name and message.

If you want to provide a guest book that will end up being a game for you and your lovebird after the wedding, we suggest having a custom puzzle as a guest book! You can create your own puzzle using a favorite picture of the two of you on one side, and then guests write their message and name on the other side. What better way to wind down with your loved one after the wedding than to put the pieces together as you read all of the well wishes from your friends and family? This idea is so creative and makes for a fun game!

There are so many different ways to provide a guest book at your wedding. Think outside the box and get creative! Guest books are great keepsakes that can serve as decorations in your new home, games, and arts and crafts activities that will last forever! 


Blog by: Niaz Siasi, Spring 2016

Edited by: Dominique Cheek