Have Jon'll Speak At Your Next Event!

Jon’ll Boyd has spoken with countless industry professionals on business strategies, wedding start-ups, and marketing. Boyd has spoken to such organizations as Ladies DC, Cheryl Wood Empowers, Northern Virginia Community College, Prince George Community College, Hispanic Alliance for Career Enhancement, and the National Association of Catering and Events – Greater Washington DC Chapter.

In addition to planning and teaching, she also has become the go to event expert at numerous speaking engagements for corporations, organizations, and event industry professionals.

To book Jon'll as a speaker at your upcoming event, please email info@completelyyoursevents.com

Speaking Topics:

Leading Like A CEO Managing Like A Pro

If you think family dynamics can be tricky to navigate what about team dynamics. Sometimes leading and managing a team can be just as challenging as taking care of business especially if you are quick to hire and slow to fire. Learn the most common mistakes and pitfalls most leaders and CEO's make when it comes to overseeing their staff.

  • Understanding How to Manage Up or Manage Out
  • How to Make Sure You Know the Difference Between Knowing the Business vs. Executive Presence
  • How to Make Sure You Are Constantly Engaging Your Team By Making Sure They Have The Right Seat on the Bus

What's Your UPOD....Your Unique Point of Difference

Most of us are not the only game in town so it's important that we understand what our UPOD  (Unique Point of Difference) is and how to not only communicate it but make sure that it can be recognized through your brand and at first glance. From how dress to, how we market ourselves, to how we introduce ourselves when networking all makes a difference when looking to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

  • Sending A Message of Leadership, Competency, and Credibility
  • Developing Strategies and Tools That Will Allow You to Think Outside the Box
  • Where to Start When Discovering What Your UPOD is For Your Company and Brand

Recent Topics:

Building a Virtual Team

Even new entrepreneurs can capitalize on the skills and gifts of others without establishing a brick and mortar storefront or office.

Keeping and Maintaining a Team

The real challenge when building an event industry dream team isn’t finding willing contributors – but keeping them together.

Brides: Drawing the Line Between Client and Friend

As important as it is to be accessible to your brides and grooms, it is also important to set boundaries to preserve your personal space, family time, and a healthy home environment.

Life After Networking

Power networkers know that they have to connect outside of a networking event if they wish to maximize their latest experience.

The Balancing Act: Being a 20th Century Woman in Business

Can women really have it all? In today’s times where women split their time between taking care of the kids, the household, and work balance is important and necessary to living a successful life.

Providing Ordinary Customer Service with a little “Extra”

Your customers are your businesses most valuable possession. Providing good customer service is what is expected but the extra is what creates loyalty and keeps them coming back.


“I attended two events where Jon’ll was a speaker. Jon’ll is a highly engaging and personable speaker. She is funny and her presentation is full of great information. Her style is dynamic but down to earth. If you need a speaker, she would add tremendous value to your event.”
Sonya Smith-Valentine, CPA, Esq.
President & Financial Wellness Strategist
Financially Fierce, LLC

“Jon’ll’s presentation was well structured and she provided invaluable content for our audience at the Essentials for Entrepreneurship Expert Panel. Her energy and passionate delivery made a connection with attendees and we look forward to learning from her again at future Ladies DC Educational Events.”
Jean Schindler
Ladies DC

Jon'll accepted the invitation to speak at our Association of Wedding Professionals chapter meeting. She was engaging with the audience, spirited, humorous and genuinely a wonderful person.  The audience loved her and wished the evening wouldn’t end so they could have more interaction with Jon’ll.  She offered such practical advice and her willingness to share her experiences was I can’t say enough fabulous things about Jon’ll Boyd, other than you must ask her to present to your group.  You won’t be disappointed!

Karen Berl
Association of Wedding Professionals Meeting Chair
Owner RSVP Events