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Completely Yours Events (CYE) is a professional event planning and design firm serving Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC metropolitan area.  Our competitive advantage is simple - We care about your event and believe that every event like every person and every organization is completely unique. It has it's own DNA. Because of our belief and our passion for excellence for over 15 years, we promise to only bring to life experiences that impact and transform our clients for a lifetime.

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from start to finish, we bring you the complete experience.

Design + Decor

We believe that every event should be an experience worth remembering. With our design services, we work closely with you to cultivate a unique and personalized theme tailored to you. Because design is more than just centerpieces, we complete each look with special additions to really create a one of a kind atmosphere. On the day of, we ensure that all the work is left to us so you can enjoy the festivities with your guests giving you the support you need and the look you crave. Our design plan includes:

  • Vision Board with floral + decor inspiration
  • Curated theme + color suggestions
  • Creative Floorplans + Layouts
  • Florals including bouquets, centerpieces, + installations 
  • Furniture Enhancements
  • Custom Stationary
  • Audio + Visual Affects
  • Mood + Accent Lighting
  • Draping + Linen Fabrications
  • Props + Backdrops
  • Favors + Gifts



Event Planning

Our main focus of a successful wedding, corporate conference, gala, or social gathering is to guide you through the planning process with peace of mind.  We understand that you are inviting guests to participate in a special event that is directly linked directly to your heart and mission.  With our detailed planning approach, we take on the hard stuff so you can focus on fun. Built on  over 15 years of experience, Completely Yours Events + Design offers an array of event planning services including: 

  • Full Service Event Management + On-site Event Staffing
  • Contract Negotiations + Event Budget Management
  • Site Selection + Inspections
  • Speaker Selection + Evaluation + Coordination
  • Electronic + On-site Registration Management
  • Branding + Social Media Marketing
  • Transporation 
  • Entertainment Outreach + Booking


Production + Execution 

After finalizing the logistics and designing all the details, our team come together on your big to put it all together. Our team is prepared to make your event a memorable one from start to finish! Some of the on-site duties we cherish are:

  • Wedding Party Support Coach
  • "Mic Check 1212" Announcer
  • Boutonniere Pinner
  • Speaker Concierge
  • Wedding Dress Bustler 
  • Emergency Kit Welder 
  • The Mother of Tissues
  • Vendor Whisperer 
  • Fork + Glass + Napkin Alignment Services
  • Chair Straightner
  • Occasional Line Dance Starter
  • And your personal hype [wo]man at all times!


Background: Cheryl Bruce has 35+ years of experience in administrative, customer service, event management and supervisory experience.  She is referred to as the Mother of Completely Yours Events + Design with her ability to work calmly under pressure and uplift her clients when they need her the most while also ensuring the job gets handled on all fronts

What She Loves About Events:  She loves the interaction with event attendees and providing an AMAZING experience for all parties involved.

Advice for Clients: Let Cheryl handle it!

Motto:  Make it an AMAZING day on PURPOSE!




Background: Dominique Cheek is currently pursuing a degree in Strategic Communications , and is able to take everything she already knows, as well as everything she is learning, and apply it to every event she takes on. Her background in theatre is a plus, too! As an actress and a seasoned stage manager, every event is a grand production from start to finish! 

What She Loves About Events: Honestly, while I love putting the pieces together, I love the outcome the most. And not just the final result of the event itself, but the way that it impacts the client. The love on a couples face during their first dance, or the joy of a child in awe of his or her birthday decor - it's why I do what I do! I love that events create lifetime memories from the moments that we map out. Watching it all unfold makes weeks of planning seem like they went by all too fast. 

Advice for Clients: Write things down! Those passing thoughts about your event - no matter how crazy they may seem - write them down or type them up! No need to risk forgetting what could make your event perfect!

Motto: "While you are alive, collect moments not things, earn respect not money, and enjoy love not luxuries"_ Aarti Khurana



Jon’ll Boyd enjoyed a successful career in sales and marketing before embarking on her venture, Completely Yours Events. Her educational background and corporate planning experience led her to the fateful decision to pursue her own business. Certified through the Lovegevity The Wedding Institute, Jon’ll first ensured that she was completely prepared for her new and exciting role.

What She Up To:

Outside of Completely Yours Events, Jon’ll has also become an advocate for helping new, transitioning and upcoming planners understand how to grow a thriving business by understanding “its a business not a hobby”. She has had the humbling opportunity to speak on national stages such as NACE Experience Conference, WeddingWire World, and ILEA LIVE amongst others.

What She Loves About Events:

The honor of being tasked with carrying out the vision of her clients and creating an experience for their guests that will last a lifetime. She is fascinated by this industry that she feels chose her, and actively seeks out new ways to give back to the industry by paying it forward and mentoring other starting and transitioning planners as well as serving on the board of organizations such as NACE-National Association of Catering and Events.

On Bringing Education To Others:

In addition to earning her MBA in Marketing from American Intercontinental University,  Boyd also developed the curriculum for a 9-week majority online event planning course called Eventagious: The Business Side to Wedding and Event Planning and the proud founder of The Planners Suite Conference. A unique and one of a kind experience created just for planners to focus on the business acumen of their enterprise.



Background: Christina Grimes stumbled upon event planning quite randomly in her senior year of college after developing a healthy obsession of David Tutera and has been planning and designing events for 5+ years. She loves watching clients share a moment of excitement when first entering a space she has designed.

What She Loves About Events:  My creative soul craves anything that is artistic, unique, and awe inspiring. I love seeing my clients recognize themselves in the designs that I create. 

Advice for Clients: Do not settle for someone's vision when you are the one it is intended for.

Motto: With great power comes great responsibility. - Ben Parker



Background: Allison Nicole is a Certified Event and Wedding Planner and brings over 10 years of experience in catering and events. She started in the industry at age 12 working in her family owned catering business. Her passion to serve others lead her to a career in Social Work. Rediscovering her creative side, she began planning events for family and friends and eventually took over the family business. Allison quickly realized her passion was in planning and started producing events full-time. Allison’s combines her creative ability, her Social Work background and her passion for service to plan, produce and provide exceptional event experiences as her driving force is to bring joy to others.

What She loves about events: My favorite part of every event in seeing the smile of a client as they enjoy the fruition of their ideas come to life. She believes a personal touch can make any event extraordinary.

Motto: I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul – William Earnest Henley




When you choose to do an internship, it can be one of the biggest decisions you make during college. It is important to select a company that will enrich your learning process and offer guidance and support, while providing real world experience.

Completely Yours Events takes great pride in our internship program. We have developed a multidimensional internship program for various areas of our company that educate, encourage and engage students in providing the “Complete Experience” to all of our clients. If you are looking to gain valuable skills, build your resume, and get a head start on your career path within the event planning industry, we invite you to find out more about the exciting internship opportunities with Completely Yours Events.

To learn more information or to apply to our program, please contact us at info@completelyyoursevents.com with a copy of your resume.

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