Our Brand Promise

 We believe every event like every person and every organization is completely unique. It has it's own DNA. Because of our belief and our passion for excellence, we promise to only bring to life experiences that impact and transform your clients for a lifetime.

Jon'll Boyd | Chief Event Officer and Speaker

Jon’ll Boyd enjoyed a successful career in sales and marketing before embarking on her venture, Completely Yours Events. Her educational background and corporate planning experience led her to the fateful decision to pursue her own business. Certified through the Lovegevity The Wedding Institute, Jon’ll first ensured that she was completely prepared for her new and exciting role. Today, she leads a team of three Lead Event Coordinators managing over 65 events each year.

Boyd’s favorite aspect of the wedding business is the honor of being included in a couple’s most important day. She loves to see families and friends come together in celebration, and cherishes the look on the bride and groom’s faces when they first see each other. She is fascinated by her chosen industry, and actively seeks out new ways to address the needs of today’s bride.

In addition to earning her MBA in Marketing from American Intercontinental University, Boyd also developed the curriculum for a 9-week majority online event planning course called Eventagious: The Business Side to Wedding and Event Planning”.

Co-Author Of 'Head Ladies In Charge'

Head Ladies In Charge, is a compilation of trials and triumphs of women from all walks of life. #HLIC was written to share experiences and inspire women to face their past and embrace the future.

Jon’ll Boyd shares her story for the first time amongst forty five other amazing women and fellow entrepreneurs, making her a first time author and once again a trail blazer and stand out leader within her industry. “It is my deepest hope that others will be moved, inspired, and forever changed by my chapter Create An Extraordinary Business Plan: Promote, Provide, & Pray!”





Cheryl Bruce | Corporate Planner


With more than 35 years experience in administration; customer service; and event management, Cheryl brings the warmth of her laughter and inspires confidence in her direction as she oversees the management of corporate clients. Cheryl is the calm in any event storm!

What She Loves About Events:

From pre-event to onsite check-in, I have a love for the entire event process but especially registration. It's the first impression!

Affectionately known as YourOnsiteHostess, I absolutely love interacting with event attendees to ensure everyone has an AMAZING Experience!

Hobbies and Passion: 

I love to have fun and bring life to any party! In my free time, I love listening to jazz, visiting wineries, shopping (a shoe connoisseur!) and spending time with my 3 grandchildren. 

Advice for Clients:

Don't Worry! Be Happy!


Make it an AMAZING day on PURPOSE! 

Say Hello to Cheryl:


Christina Grimes | Lead Designer

Christina Grimes, a Baltimore native, graduated from the University of Baltimore with a Bachelor of Arts in Corporate Communications and a minor in Marketing in 2012. Throughout her college career, she remained active in several event boards seeing to the creation, development, and coordination of fashion shows, campus parties, fundraisers, and concerts.

What She Loves About Events:

It allows me to tap into my creativity pool that I was unable to do in a typical business setting. Oftentimes, businesses just want something that is cost effective and essential, nothing extra or unnecessary. But with event design, you can make an ordinary idea into something extraordinary just by adding funky elements and personal touches that really reflect the personality of our clients. Even with all the extras, it comes together to create something beautiful and unique.

Hobbies and Passion: 

Can you say random because that perfectly describes my hobbies in a nutshell. Whether it is redecorating friends' apartments (willing or not!), swooning over all things cats, or letting my nerd flag fly in comic book stores, if it makes me smile, I'm usually doing it. Especially if it involves traveling to a new city or even better, country!

Advice for Clients:

Breathe. Most of the problems you think are going to happen are in your mind. Relax and enjoy this special moment.


To whom much is given, much will be required.

Say Hello to Christina:


Dominique Cheek | Event Planner


Dominique Cheek is currently pursuing a degree in Strategic Communications , and is able to take everything she already knows, as well as everything she is learning, and apply it to every event she takes on. Her background in theatre is a plus, too! As an actress and a seasoned stage manager, every event is a grand production from start to finish! 

What She Loves About Events:

Honestly, while I love putting the pieces together, I love the outcome the most. And not just the final result of the event itself, but the way that it impacts the client. The love on a couples face during their first dance, or the joy of a child in awe of his or her birthday decor - it's why I do what I do! I love that events create lifetime memories from the moments that we map out. Watching it all unfold makes weeks of planning seem like they went by all too fast. 

Hobbies and Passion:

I really do a lot of stuff - like a lot. The hobby I partake in often depends on my mood, and day of the week. I have "Lazy Paint Sundays" and "Savvy Crafty Saturdays". But my favorite is "Foodie Fridays" - which really can happen any day, I just like how Foodie Friday sounds. I actually love too cook period, no matter what mood I'm in. Especially with the best cook book ever aka Pinterest at my side, I am basically a top chef. Nothing but culinary creations and pastry perfections in my spare time! 

Advice for Clients:

Write things down! Those passing thoughts about your event - no matter how crazy they may seem - write them down or type them up! No need to risk forgetting what could make your event perfect!


"While you are alive, collect moments not things, earn respect not money, and enjoy love not luxuries"_ Aarti Khurana

Say Hello to Dominique:


The main focus of a successful corporate conference, convention, or meeting is to deliver your mission statement to your attendees. With our detailed planning approach, we develop a strategic plan to not only target your desired audience but to present an event that conveys your brand's message. Aspects of this development process include:

  • Full Service Event Management and On-site Event Staffing
  • Contract Negotiations and Event Budget Management
  • Site Selection and Inspections
  • Speaker Selection and Evaluation
  • Electronic and On-site Registration Management
  • Branding and Social Media Marketing

We believe that every event should be an experience worth remembering. With our design services, we work closely with you to cultivate a unique and personalized theme tailored to you. Because design is more than just centerpieces, we complete each look with special additions such as custom stationary, dramatic draping, and mood lighting to name a few. On the day of, we ensure that all the work is left to us so you can enjoy the festivities with your guests giving you the support you need and the look you crave.


For the couple that has their wedding planned out with all of the key vendors but are looking for someone to help with logistics on the day of. This month of package includes review of all vendor contracts, development of a detailed itinerary, and day of support. 


For the couple who has some of the planning done but need additional support to bring it all together. We come in six months before the wedding day to assist with vendor selection, overall event flow and feel, logistical coordination, and day of support. Couples will also receive a custom "Complete Wedding Guide" to help them throughout their wedding planning journey. 


For the couple that require a more inclusive experience. Our full planning service starts with a detailed budget plan and personalized vendor referrals to capture each couple's personality and preferences throughout their wedding. Couples will also receive a custom "Complete Wedding Guide" to help them throughout their wedding planning journey.


We know how to throw a good party! From birthday celebrations, anniversaries, and holiday parties, we ensure that all the work is left to us so you can enjoy the festivities with your guests. With customized approach, we will find the perfect venue, connect you with the right vendors, and be there on the day of to support you throughout the event. 

Gift a Wedding! 

Completely Yours Events discovered over our time planning weddings for clients that there are many couples that deserve a dream wedding but cannot always afford one due to the exuberant cost. Over the years Completely Yours Events uniquely understands that a beautiful, elegant wedding does not always have to be expensive. The idea to gift a wedding sprung up after a heart felt true story about a couple that had been through a tough time and wanted to get married but was only able to afford their marriage license at the justice of the peace. We at Completely Yours Events want to give back to our local community that we serve in a unique and positive way.

Our Gift A Wedding is an opportunity for a deserving couple to be nominated by friends, families, co-workers and others that know them to receive a simply elegant wedding. With our partners Completely Yours Events has decided to offer one Gifted Wedding each year to a deserving couple.

To submit your nomination for the Completely Yours Events Gift A Wedding, please contact us at info@completelyyoursevents.com with a brief submission (one to two paragraphs max.) of why you feel the nominated couple should receive our Gift A Wedding.

When you choose to do an internship, it can be one of the biggest decisions you make during college. It is important to select a company that will enrich your learning process and offer guidance and support, while providing real world experience.

Completely Yours Events takes great pride in our internship program. We have developed a multidimensional internship program for various areas of our company that educate, encourage and engage students in providing the “Complete Experience” to all of our clients. If you are looking to gain valuable skills, build your resume, and get a head start on your career path within the event planning industry, we invite you to find out more about the exciting internship opportunities with Completely Yours Events.

To learn more information or to apply to our program, please contact us at info@completelyyoursevents.com with a copy of your resume.

Wedding and Event Planning Course

Jon’ll Boyd, the founder of Completely Yours Events, LLC, is known for her organizational skills, attention to detail, and determination when it comes to adding her personal touch to the planning and coordination of events. She has been asked countless times what her secrets are for creating what has grown to become an innovative and thriving agency and now those tips and tricks are available to you!

Eventagious, The Complete Course to Wedding & Event Planning, is an affordable and complete course that will show you the behind the scenes strategies used to create beautiful and memorable events as well as build a sustaining business. Oftentimes, people only associate event planning with the glamour and wonder of the event itself but rarely show what it really takes to run an event planning agency. Boyd’s mission is to show her students the ends and outs of planning successful events while also managing a successful business. With interactive webinars, hands-on event experience, and learning sessions from the event industry’s top professionals, students can expect to receive the Complete Learning Experience!

This semester’s class is already in session so contact us today to reserve your spot for the Fall!

To learn more information or to apply to our course, please contact us at info@completelyyoursevents.com.

A Business Conference For Planners

The Planners Suite offers planners in the event industry an opportunity to come together to create their business, captivate clients, and cultivate relationships. This annual event in the Washington DC metro area is a full day of engaging presentations by leading national  event industry experts.


Nationally recognized experts take the stage at The Planners Suite, sharing their knowledge and experience on topics ranging from social media trends to target market statistics. Our panel of speakers offer their business savviness and strategies for growing your business through customized presentations and materials created specifically for The Planners Suite attendees. After a full day at The Planners Suite, you will have the tools to captivate clients and increase your business. Share the knowledge with your team, and make the necessary changes to grow your business and make your brand stand out. Be sure to check in with #ThePlannersSuite and our speakers – we’re here to help you achieve!

CREATE The Vision

Go behind the scenes at The Planners Suite and learn design and decor techniques that will assist you in creating the vision your clients are looking to carryout in their event. During the design inspired breakout sessions, design experts will present the latest trends in lighting, floral design, centerpieces, and tablescapes. This is sure to get your creative juices flowing!

CULTIVATE The Relationship

The learning doesn’t stop after the conference but let the mingling begin. Our exclusive Planners Suite Mixer is the perfect opportunity after the conference to engage with one of our expert speakers as well as fellow planners, develop a relationship, and ask the questions that you’ve been dying to ask! At The Planners Suite, we not only encourage learning from speakers, but also amongst your peers and colleagues. And it’s even more fun to do so over a few cocktails, picture taking, and dancing. Share your business card, trade ideas but most of all cultivate the relationship.

Learn More, and Register for our next conference by clicking HERE